Precision Engineering
Through Advanced Technology
Using the very latest CAD, CNC, and EDM equipment , and Injection Molding machines from 28-390 ton capacity, all located within a 33000+ sq. ft. facility, we have the experience and resources to not only develop the most advanced molds, but to process virtually any project.


Heavy Capacity with
Remarkable Agility and Timing
Capable of handling and servicing Molds in excess of 100,000 lbs. our professional staff with over 30 years of experience can repair any intricate Texture damage, or perform complicated design modifications all within a matter of just a few hours.


Endless Applications
Driven by Exceptional Engineering
With an ISO 13485 Certification, and a Clean Room meeting ISO 14644 Class 6,7,8 standards we can process any Medical Packaging, Device, or Implant project, and through our exclusive APEM System we develop the most precise molds for LSR or Thermoplastic applications.