Product Prototype

  • Introduction of Idea or Concept Individual with a new innovative Medical Packaging, Medical Device, or Medical Implant, Idea or Concept approaches SPE for a review of Product feasibility.

  • SPE Review Group SPE review Group of Designers, Engineers, Tooling Professionals, and Marketing Staff, will review all aspects of the proposed product, to determine the feasibility and marketability. If the conclusion is in favor of development, a full report is prepared with additional suggestions and design plans.

  • Business Synergy is Initiated Depending on the size and scope of the Prototype Product, SPE and the Originator/Inventor will establish a set of terms under which the prototype process will proceed, so that all parties have assurances as well as financial definitions.

  • Design and Product Specs are Prepared SPE Design Team and Engineers, in cooperation with Tooling will prepare the detailed design, plans, and specifications of the proposed Prototype Product as well as the prototype sequence and process.

  • Patent Application and Protection Depending upon the nature and application of the Prototype Product, SPE will submit one or multiple Patent Applications, to make sure that all parties and their investment of time and resources are protected.

  • Development and Testing One or several models and examples of the prototype product will be developed, and either tested by SPE or submitted to Originator/Inventor for testing. Modifications and new prototype products will be prepared as the application dictates. The Prototype Product may also be submitted to organizations, who have the capacity to seek and obtain Medical related approvals.

  • Production or Outsourcing Once the final version of the Prototype is approved, a review meeting with SPE and the Originator/Inventor will determine, if the product should be manufactured by SPE, or sold in exchange for royalties.