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SPE Aerospace Division

For over 30 plus years we have designed, engineered, and developed some of the most complex and detailed molds for the high tech aerospace industry.

Our client list, including the largest corporations in the world, is a confirmation of our ability to exceed expectations, and to meet the most demanding tolerance levels on a continuous basis.

Our mold designs in addition to being extremely precise, are also the most efficient in reduced raw material use and waste, reduced labor cost, and getting the most production from each injection cycle.

In addition to our high tech tooling capabilities, we also offer full injection mold production for our clients. With our injection mold machines ranging from 20-390 tons, we are ready to handle a large variety of projects. From over molding of sensitive aerospace electronic circuit boards, to automotive insert molding, medical component molding, we are your "one stop" source for precision injection molded parts.