Quality Control
At SPE Quality Control (QC) is not just a function performed at the end of a production cycle or the completion of a mold. At SPE Quality Control (QC) begins at the design stage, and is incorporated into every phase of our operation, which is why we call it the SPE + 4 = QC formula.

QC step 1…The Design
Our professional staff with several decades of design experience knows the potential challenges to avoid, and can make sure that the Quality of the Product will be part of the design. Quality is not just a product meeting specifications, but a product using the least amount of raw material, at lowest possible cost, and with maximum life expectancy.

QC step 2…Engineering
Converting a design, into a set of plans and specifications, which not only meets the highest levels of precision, but also takes into consideration the tooling challenges, is what Quality Control within the development process is all about. SPE has 30 plus years of experience at this critical phase.

QC step 3…Tooling
This is the phase in which Quality Control is really an intricate part of every action. Using the very latest CNC and EDM equipment, combined with truly professional experience, is what lets us make certain that the machining process will produce molds that meet the highest specification levels.

QC step 4…Production
Quality control in the production phase starts with the proper installation and set up, as well as proper maintenance. Neglect either, and quality control will suffer, even with the very best molds used. Our production staff has in place the most advanced set up and maintenance guidelines.

Standard QC
As applications demand in addition to our SPE + 4 = QC formula we also use visual as well as MicroVu-Vertex inspection methods.