Injection Molding
Insert Molding (390 Ton Toshiba Electric / Matrix part)
An example of our capability to injection mold metal threaded inserts into a thermally conductive high performance engineering resin for a precision aerospace component. Our 390 Ton Toshiba all electric press provides us with excellent process control and consistency in molding quality parts.

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Over molding Electronics
Special Low Pressure Molding (LPM) technology enables SPE to replace our customer's epoxy-potting processes by directly over molding and encapsulating very fragile avionic circuit boards with adhesive polyamides. These parts are further enhanced by inserting molding them into our high engineering thermoplastic resins. This results in a substantial cost reduction and product quality improvement.

Precision Molding
(110 Ton Demag Electric)

Our fully-electric Direct Drive (DD) injection molding machines allow us to operate with greater energy efficiency and better responsiveness to ensure higher levels of precision and repeatability.