Heavy Capacity

With a 10, 20, and 30 ton crane capacity, covering our entire plant area, we can unload and move any size mold to the proper machine for quick processing.
The right equipment and lifting capability, lets us process most jobs in just a few hours.

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The CNC Boring Mill with its 12'x15' table, can not only handle very large molds, but gives us the ability to achieve exceptionally close tolerance levels on all repairs, and can also digitize a new contour data set for any mold, which can be used for repair or re-engineering applications.

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The huge multi-ton Spotting Press allows us to process large heavy molds fast and with absolute accuracy. Clients with huge molds, truly appreciate our large Spotting Press and the reliability as well as the fast turnaround it provides.

With or without the Spotting Press, our Professional Craftsman make sure that each and every mold is perfect before it is returned to the customer.